Soft Plastic Recycling

On the 1st February 2017 Far East Victoria Landcare (FEVL) launched a short term pilot project which aims to provide an alternative to throwing domestic soft plastics into landfill. Instead collect them in a plastic bag and throw this bag in a special bin being provided outside the Orbost Landcare Office during office opening hours.

So what will FEVL send off for recycling for you? The rule of thumb is: if the plastic can be scrunched up into a ball, it can be placed in our collection bin. Examples of acceptable plastics include:   bread, pasta and rice bags, squeeze pouches, plastic sachets, bubble wrap, chocolate and muesli bar wrappers, netting citrus bags,   polypropylene bags and sturdy pet food bags.

This is a project run by the Landcare community to support the local community. Christies Waste Services have generously donated the use of a bin and FEVL is liaising with other organisations and larger programs to develop the project further. The aim is to ultimately add industry soft plastics to the mix including silage wrap.

A very important part of the whole cycle is the on sale of the products produced from recycled plastics. These products include signage, bollards, outdoor furniture and decking and fence posts. Consider a recycled plastic product next time you carry out a project. The sign at the FEVL office is recycled plastic so take a closer look next time you walk past.



Far East Victoria Landcare is a grassroots community driven Landcare Network that supports 6 Landcare Groups, the East Gippsland Bee Club and the Far East Agriculture group.